PMG combines years of corporate B2B strategic planning experience with decades of market research expertise to deliver actionable insight.



Being good stewards of our customers’ research investment is in our culture. Our loyal customer base is a measure of our success.



Unlike most market research firms, we are not a B2C firm that “dabbles” in B2B research. Our roots and continued focus is on the B2B market space.



Our research has no boundaries. Wherever your growth strategy may lead you, we are ready.


Capturing Growth Opportunities

Priority Metrics Group delivers the information and insight companies need to create a realistic growth strategy that delivers incremental as well as breakthrough growth.  In large part, we accomplish this this by identifying, locating and interviewing the right people necessary to fully understand, develop, and capture the best growth opportunities. 

Grow with Existing Customers

Growing within your current customer base is usually the fastest and safest growth option, but requires an intimate knowledge of your customers' overall growth strategy and a deep understanding of the markets they serve.

Expand into New Markets

By definition, growth into new markets requires detailed knowledge of typically unfamiliar regions, competition, and market dynamics. PMG research can help minimize the risk and increase the speed of entry into these markets. 

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