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Why We Exist  
Priority Metrics Group, Inc. (PMG) is a professional marketing consulting firm based in Spartanburg, SC. We provide customized research, analysis and consultation services designed to generate profitable growth for our clients. We work with leading organizations in a variety of manufacturing and service industries. Although we are not limited to any industries, PMG has particular experience and expertise in packaging, distribution and textiles. 

How We Create Value  
PMG's fundamental goal is to help client organizations create profitable top-line growth by aligning strategic direction with customer and market needs. We are expert at gathering and processing market information, analyzing data, and translating information into actionable growth initiatives.

Companies We Have Helped Grow


The Value of Market Research in Growth

Why do growth companies conduct market research? It’s not a prerequisite, there is no unwritten rule, and market research often takes time therefore slowing the process. So why do high growth companies spend time and money conducting market research? The answer is simple, well executed market research reduces risk.  Market research yields the answers to the strategic questions necessary in developing a growth strategy that has a much greater chance of success.  Conversely, the data from well executed market research may cause you to stop the pursuit of growth in certain markets, potentially saving millions of dollars. PMG belief is that market research provides that data necessary in making better informed business decisions, increasing the chance of success and reducing the risk of failure.

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