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PMG recently worked with a client supporting their move to a more digitally engaged position with their customers.

PMG recently worked with a client supporting their move to a more digitally engaged position with their customers with the objective of improving their overall value proposition and competitiveness. The company felt that they were behind key competitors on the overall digital experience they offered customers as indicated by their website, customer portal, digital marketing information, and inside sales support (facilitated by better and more timely information). 

The company assigned a senior level manager to head up an internal team populated by IT, marketing, sales, and customer service managers, along with representation from outside marketing and web development firms. 

The process began with a survey of key operational executives at customers. The focus of this project was to understand changing service requirements and expectations. One of the important deliverables was the identification of eight drivers of change. These included: productivity focus (speed of response and a growing value placed on time), information access (increasing complexity and need for mobile platform), customer relationship (diminished importance of personal presence and a focus on bringing value to the customer), and others. 

From these eight drivers, 29 potential opportunities were identified. The list of 29 was combined, then prioritized to 9 that were presented to senior management for funding. Some of those built upon widely recognized needs – such as updating the corporate website. In those cases, the company had specific features identified by customers as critical to the relationship. Most of the nine opportunities identified emerging needs and new business capabilities that would maintain and strengthen existing capabilities, or build new capabilities that competition simply did not have. 

Upon conclusion of the investigation process, the team was able to close the loop and confirm that all eight opportunities fulfilled specific customer needs and were supported by valid and timely research. 

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