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Optimizing the Impact of Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Discover how customer satisfaction surveys can be a gateway to business excellence, guiding strategic decisions, and enhancing customer loyalty.

Elements of a Winning Business Strategic Planning Process

Strategic business planning is a fundamental activity that lays the groundwork for an organization’s success. It is a process that goes beyond setting goals.

Business Growth

Business Strategy

B2B Custom Market Research – Driving Winning Strategies

In today's world of endless information, syndicated B2B market research reports are available on nearly every market segment and region.

Market-Driven Innovation: A Key to Success

According to Harvard Business School Professor Clayton Christensen, the vast majority of product innovations—95 percent—never succeed.

How to Leverage B2B Market Research to Drive Your Strategic Planning

Business-to-business (B2B) market research is an essential precursor for developing an effective strategic plan.

The Role of B2B Market Research in Business Growth

In many cases, company management doesn’t take the time to do the necessary market research to make

How to Conduct a Net Promoter Score Analysis for Your Business

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) has emerged as one of the most reliable methods to evaluate customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Building a Better Business: How Market-Driven Innovation Creates Success

Innovation is the lifeblood of any business. A company can thrive and stay ahead of its competitors by being agile, adaptive, and continuously listening to the market's needs.

Critical Elements of Commercial Due Diligence

Commercial Due Diligence is essential for businesses looking to make acquisitions.

Maximizing Customer Retention: Utilizing Feedback from Customer Satisfaction Surveys

As businesses grow and their customer base increases, customer satisfaction becomes more important.

Defining and Calculating TAM, SAM, and SOM

When it comes to market assessment and sizing, it's important to understand the concept of TAM, SAM, and SOM.

How to Calculate Market Size

In calculating market size, one must realize three important facts to avoid an often frustrating experience.

Building B2B Brand by Improving the Customer Experience

Recent research into the current focus of B2B marketers has pointed to two exciting trends guiding much of their activity around building their B2B brands

Benefits of Using an Online B2B Panel for Surveys

Driven by a dramatic increase in global internet penetration, online panel surveys are becoming popular for collecting primary research.

Strategies for Surviving a Recession

Based on today's economic environment, I felt it a great time to review some ways companies can weather the effects of a recession.

Post-acquisition Growth Assessment – Identifying Adjacent Growth Opportunities

As discussed in my previous blog, it has become increasingly important for buyout firms to actually add value to portfolio companies and significantly improve their revenue growth.

Commercial Due Diligence - Assessing the Growth Potential with Current Customers

In recent years, as acquisition multiples have increased, it is simply not enough for private equity.

Creating and Executing a Competitive Positioning Strategy (Part 1)

In B2B markets there are typically three ways to compete: quality of products and services, price, and breadth of offering

Winning Differentiation Strategies

In a previous blog, we introduced 6 ways to differentiate in B2B markets. 

Making Your Net Promoter Score (NPS) an Actionable Metric

While reading a recent article published in MarketingProfs about the importance B2B marketing

The Acceptance of Crypto Currency for B2B Transactions

To date, the vast majority of B2B companies have resisted the use of crypto currency as a form of payment for their products or services.

Using B2B Market Research to Develop a Solid Pricing Strategy

Market and competitive pricing in the B2B sector is often a difficult area for many market researchers to tackle.

Why Competitive Intelligence Matters

Most customer surveys focus on a company’s overall performance on key product and service attributes associated with defining the overall customer relationship.

6 Elements of Strategic Planning that Should Be Supported by Market Research

internal efforts on preparing the 2022 strategic plan. This “all hands on deck” annual exercise typically requires significant time and effort from every functional area of the business.

6 Ways to Differentiate in B2B Markets

Our research indicates there are six primary ways to effectively differentiate, including product, service, channels of distribution, relation

How B2B Customers Derive

In this complex setting, let’s look at how customers understand and derive value. First, value is conveyed and derived through cost. 

Defining Value in B2B Markets

In the context of B2B, value may be defined as the total benefit of product and associated service translated into economic worth.

Syndicated B2B Market Research Versus Custom Research

Syndicated research, conducted and published independently by a research firm or individual, is commonly sold through the research firm or a research aggregator.

Big Data Should Never be a Replacement for Listening to Customers

Enabled by the internet, mobile devices, and powerful company Enterprise Resource Management Systems (ERP)

The 8 Criteria that Distinguish B2B Markets from B2C Markets

The Business-to-Business (B2B) is different in fundamental ways from the Business-to-Consumer (B2C) sector

Successful Innovations Need Supporting Market Research

In most of our research, we encounter four unique categories of drivers, leading to the development of innovative new products and services.

The Single Most Impactful B2B Market Research Project Every Company Should Do

Customer Insight® research delivers a broad range of insights that are valuable in supporting several critical sales and marketing efforts,

Geographic Expansion Market Research – Look Before You Leap

Business growth can be accomplished in many ways - share gain, adjacent market entry, new product innovation, M&A, and geographic expansion.

Post Pandemic Growth: Reassessing Customer Needs

The Coronavirus pandemic will have a long term effect on global business operations, changing the way many companies conduct business

Post-Pandemic Growth: Competitive Intelligence

Along with the severe health and humanitarian crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic, executives around the world face enormous business

Post–Pandemic Growth: Get Ahead of the Growth Curve

It is not a matter of if the US economy will rebound from the COVID -19 pandemic, but when and how rapidly the recovery will occur.

Commercial Due Diligence – Gaining Clarity

Commercial due diligence is an objective look at the strength of a target company’s customer base.

Commercial Due Diligence – Hitting the Target

When conducting a commercial due diligence project, accuracy is absolutely critical as potentially

Commercial Due Diligence – Maximizing ROI

Due diligence is a complicated process often made more difficult by time pressures from investors, sellers and third parties.

7 Elements of a Market Analysis Designed to Drive Business Growth

Having conducted hundreds market analysis projects over the past 25 years, we have developed an solid understanding of what should be included

Elements of a Market Assessment Designed to Focus Business Growth?

As a key component of overall business growth, companies often consider selling their products or services into a new market.

Robotics: A Potential Savior to Many Industries

While attending PACK EXPO, I couldn’t help but notice the increased emphasis on robotics.

The Birthplace of Private Equity Sold to Investor

I recently saw this article in BIZNOW, a London based newsletter, and found it quite interesting.

How to Use B2B Research in Developing a Value-Based Pricing Strategy

A critical decision for any business developing new and differentiated products is determining the proper price point.

The Value of Custom B2B Market Research

The vast majority of companies competing in today’s global economy conduct some form of market research in the markets in which

Challenges of Measuring B2B Customer Satisfaction: Choosing the Right Question

Choosing the correct question to answer is critical to accurately measuring customer satisfaction.

Business Growth Strategy: Make it a Living Document

All companies should have a growth strategy, and most do.  However, based on my experience, most strategic growth plans are treated

A Quick Guide to Determining B2B Sample Size: Don’t Get Confused by B2C.

One of the most common questions asked by clients when designing a B2B research project is “What is the sample size I need to ensure the data

The Benefits of Conducting Market Research.

Market research is not cheap. A typical study can cost from $10,000 to $50,000, or more.

How to Improve Response Rates in B2B Surveys

What is a typical survey response rate?

Misreading Attribute Importance: A Common and Often Costly Mistake

Market research is routinely utilized to identify attributes that are important to the customer

Making Competitive Intelligence Actionable

Competitive intelligence (CI) is a very large umbrella that covers many types of analysis techniques.

The Process of B2B Market Segmentation

The cornerstone of any marketing strategy is a solid understanding of what customers truly value and need.

Achieving Organic Business Growth

Achieving Organic Business Growth

Uncovering Synergies and Opportunities with Commercial Due Diligence

Bolt-on acquisitions provide an acquiring company and private equity with substantial resources at a lower cost than buildin

Misreading Attribute Importance: A Common and Often Costly Mistake

Improving performance - particularly in those areas that are important to customers - has been a staple of continuous improvement programs. 

Winning in Today’s Challenging B2B Purchasing Process

One of the most intriguing areas of insight uncovered by the survey was the identification of 6 areas.

Tips on When to Use Quantitative versus Qualitative Market Research.

Qualitative research generates textual data (e.g. comments) while quantitative research provides numerical data (e.g. scores or ratings).

5 Key Metrics to Consider When Assessing B2B Brand Equity

B2B brand studies typically executed through surveys, allow companies to benchmark their brands against competitors, through assessing awareness, value, and loyalty along the value chain.

If Customer Satisfaction is the Goal, You are Already Losing the Race

In today’s competitive environment, B2B customer satisfaction is a fairly common measure for almost all companies.

Building Brand Through B2B Market Research

Recent research into the current focus of B2B marketers has pointed to two interesting trends guiding much of their activity around

The Difference Between B2C and B2B Market Research. What Every Marketer Should Know.

Because of the dramatic differences between B2C and B2B markets, research in these environments must recognize and accommodate

Telephone Interviews – Advantages and Disadvantages

Custom research typically employs extensive or targeted primary research to go beyond what can be uncovered through secondary research.

The Differences Between B2C and B2B Markets. What Every Marketer Should Know.

Business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) markets differ in fundamental ways.

Rapid Innovation – A Guide to Innovation Success

Rapid Innovation can deliver 2 -3  new product/service opportunities every 16 weeks in new and/or adjacent markets


The lighting industry has evolved beyond just selling light bulbs. 

Publishing (Content Aggregation)

Content aggregation and publishing is a service where content is licensed, and royalties paid to publishers.

How do I estimate a market size?

Before one can estimate a market size, one must first understand what the definition of the market is.

What is an IDI (in-depth interview)?

An in-depth interview (frequently abbreviated as IDI’s) is a form of qualitative research; a somewhat intensive individual conversation

What is the difference between quantitative and qualitative research?

Qualitative research generates textual data (e.g. comments) while quantitative research provides numerical data (e.g. scores or ratings).

Offering Incentives in B2B Research

The key to any successful project is selecting the right people to participate, convincing them to participate, and asking them the right questions.

B2B Acquisition Target Markets: Narrowing the Field

When looking for potential B2B acquisition target markets, it can be challenging to know where to start.

Uncovering Untapped Opportunities: The Importance of B2B Market Research

In today's competitive business landscape, B2B companies are constantly on the lookout for new growth opportunities.

How to Use B2B Market Research in Developing a Value-Based Pricing Strategy

Price directly impacts the perceived value and quality of your product, is a crucial component of brand perception, and drives product profitability.

Strategic Acquisition Support

One of the challenges in acquiring a bolt-on business is accurately identifying the potential synergies and opportunities for improvement.

3 Key Metrics to Consider When Assessing Your Brand

Unlike most B2C marketers, many B2B companies invest little or no resources (both time and money) in understanding brand.

Structuring Effective Customer Insight Research

Structuring Effective Customer Insight Research

Verifying a Value Proposition

Innovation is often driven by many factors, we encounter four unique drivers that create direction leading to the development of innovative services.

Advantages of Applying Competitive Intelligence in Your B2B Strategy

As a business, you’re constantly looking for ways to gain an edge over competitors. That’s where competitive intelligence comes into play.

Winning B2B Competitive Differentiation Strategies

Over the years, we have compiled a database of survey results with data from hundreds of these studies, all using a 7-point scale so we can aggregate and compare results.

The Importance of Business Growth

That heading title seems self-evident, right? 

Customer Digital Engagement

PMG recently worked with a client supporting their move to a more digitally engaged position with their customers.

Improved B2B Customer Experience Drives Increased Revenue

A recent Gallup study reports that on average only 29% of your B2B customers are engaged with their suppliers.

Crypto Outline

As of late 2021, B2B companies are resistant to accepting cryptocurrency as a form of payment on the majority.

What is a typical survey response rate?

From a statistical standpoint, the response rate is critical, but perhaps of more importance is the potential for non-response bias.

What Defines a Good Market Analysis to Focus Business Growth?

As a key component of overall business growth, companies often consider selling their products or services into a new market.

B2B Marketing Essentials: What Every Marketer Needs to Know

Marketing is an essential part of any B2B business. It involves understanding customer needs and delivering them to meet their expectations.

“Marketing in the Boardroom – Winning the Hearts and Minds of the Board”

It’s tougher than ever before for companies to grow and survive. The lower barriers to entry have made it easier for new competitors to launch innovative products and services.

How customers derive value from a product

In this complex setting, let’s look at how customers understand and derive value. First, value is conveyed and derived through cost.

Business Growth Strategy: An Ongoing Process

For many companies, business growth is often driven by unforeseen or unique market events that drive demand.

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