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Commercial Due Diligence

Uncover Value:
CDD Insights

A meticulous Commercial Due Diligence (CDD) uncovers pivotal issues influencing pricing negotiations and deal viability. Key factors affecting valuation and negotiation involve assessing major customer vulnerability, competitor investments in technology, long-term market projections, product/service distinctions, competitive positions, regulatory changes, emerging offshore competition, and control over distribution channels. These insights from robust CDD significantly shape deal outcomes.

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Our Commercial

Due Diligence Deliverables:

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    Validate market growth claims

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    Scrutinize revenue projections

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    Evaluate customer performance

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    Assess offering alignment

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    Analyze NPS-driven satisfaction

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    Review competitive position

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    Identify strengths and weaknesses

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    Explore market segmentation



“PMG delivers far more than a matrix of survey results; they deliver the analytics and insight you would expect from a top tier consulting firm. Their private equity customer insight work is second to none.“

Dean Emmerton, Managing Partner

EMKO Capital


Commercial Due Diligence


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