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Transforming strategic plans into actionable roadmaps is the hallmark of successful companies. Our approach ensures your strategic goals don't gather dust but guide day-to-day operations, fostering a culture of execution. We translate aspirational objectives into a dynamic management plan, aligning it with your strategic goals, including:


Departmental Goals with Clear Objectives


Organizational Alignment for Maximum Efficiency


Individual Performance Goals and Action Steps


Incentive Structures with Motivational Schemes


Performance Metrics (KPMs) for Continous Improvement


Training Programs to Enhance Skills

Develop a well thought out strategic plan and make it into a “living document.” Use it as the foundation for developing an ongoing management process designed to deliver results. Corporate Strategic Planning should not be just an annual event, it is a managed process that is developed, implemented, and adjusted on an ongoing basis

All companies should have a business strategy, and most do. However, based on our experience, most strategic planning processes are treated as an annual event. The strategic planning process is typically very predictable; near the end of the third quarter, functional group leaders come together and develop a comprehensive short and long-term business strategic plan. As a final act, the strategic plan is presented and discussed with the executive group, the strategy is agreed upon, and the process ends.

This is the point where many companies fail in their strategic planning process. Once the plan is presented, many organizations place the strategic plan into a large binder, place it on the shelf and leave it there until the following year, serving only as a reference to the next strategic plan.


PMG delivered. They not only helped us guide our marketing efforts, but the site design efforts as well. Most importantly, they helped us to prioritize where we put our time and resources. The customer insight projects they did for GlobalSpec in those early days shaped our business, as we translated that insight into strategic action.

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